Denater LED Light Up Shoes Kids Girls Boys Breathable Flashing Sneakers

Size Chart:
US Size 8 M—-Label size 25 —— inner length 15.9cm/6.3 inches
US Size 9 M——Label size 26 —— inner length 16.5cm/6.5 inches
US Size 9.5 M—–Label size 27 —— inner length 17.3cm/6.8 inches
US Size 10M—–Label size 28 —— inner length 17.8cm/7.0 inches
US Size 11 M—Label size 29 —— inner length 18.5cm/7.3 inches
US Size 11.5 M—–Label size 30 —— inner length 19.3cm/7.6 inches
US Size 13 M——Label size 31 —— inner length 19.8cm/7.8 inches
US Size 1 M——-Label size 32 —— inner length 20.5cm/8.0 inches
US Size 2 M—–Label size 33—— inner length 21.2cm/8.3 inches
US Size 3M—–Label size 34 —— inner length 21.8cm/8.5 inches
US Size 3.5 M——-Label size 35 —— inner length 22.5cm/8.8 inches
US Size 4 M——-Label size 36 —— inner length 23.0cm/9.0 inches
US Size 5.5 M——-Label size 37 —— inner length 23.5cm/9.2 inches
Inner length=feet length+(0.5~1.0cm)
1 inch=2.54cm

Please Note:
When received the shoe and found the shoes light is not lit, please charge your shoes battery,when charging,slowly pull the plug and note the front and back of the connector.
Shoes can provide 11 different colors and more fun,more simple and convenient,if not used for a long time,need to first open the lights through the hidden button before they can use.
Our LED shoes your can wear them on multiple occasions with no problems,it is safety even on the rainy day.The shoes sole are waterproof,but we do not suggest you wear them on any occasions with water so that the light can be used for a long time.
Each pair of our LED shoes has been subject to strict quality inspection, but can not ensure the damage in transit,If you receive a defective product,as long as you give us a chance to help solve your problem,Thanks in advance!

  • The LED outsolos have 7 colors lights:red,green, dark blue,yellow,skyblue,perple,white.
  • Light Modes:The totle of 7 colors with 11 different modes.Light on from -4.yellow(steady) -5.skyblue(steady) -6.purple(steady) -7.white(steady) -8.white(twinkle) mode -10.neon-rotation mode -11.rotation-twinkle mode-12.light off
  • High-quality cloth, breathable, wear-resistant rubber soles, colorful LED light, which is give to children surprise gift.
  • Charging Tip: You can connect a USB cable from the computer,you can also use mobile phones and other chargers, mobile power can also be used,safe and reliable.
  • Really very comfortable! Battery will last 7-8 hours while the lights are on.For more details,please roll the mouse to the “Product Description”.

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