Unisex Therapeutic Diabetic Comfort Shoes

Sannabem footwear was scientifically developed to protect and care for the health of your feet against deformities, callosities, frictions and ulceration, specially for persons with diabetes. It transfers the plantar pressure peaks during walking, by means of the Rocker sole, providing more comfort, safety and protection to insensible feet. Prevention, Comfort and Beauty: Finally, a shoe for the health of your feet that gathers these qualities.

  • Rocker sole in Polyurethane absorbs impact, facilitates walking, redistributes the plantar pressure, internal foot-bed Ultra-resistant fiber, and external comfortable anti-bactericide foot-bed
  • Hiper-deep for larger feet accommodation and firmer Toecap to provide protection
  • Flexible soft Leather/Nylon, high durability floater and Velcro or Lace for more firmness and safety
  • Internal Hybrid seamless lining that absorbs transpiration
  • Soft collar with foam rubber lining for more comfort for the heel and Heel-bone to counter more control and stability for walking

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