Qkettle Kids High Top Wing LED Lights Up Sneakers Boys Girls Shoes

Size Information
US8(Toddler)==inner length 6.30in/160mm=EU25
US8.5(Toddler)==inner length 6.57in/167mm=EU26
US9.5(Toddler)==inner length 6.85in/174mm=EU27
US10(Toddler)==inner length 7.09in/180mm=EU28
US11(Little Kid)=inner length 7.36in/187mm=EU29
US11.5(Little Kid)=inner length 7.64in/194mm=EU30
US12(Little Kid)=inner length 7.87in/200mm=EU31
US13(Little Kid)=inner length 8.15in/207mm=EU32
US1(Little Kid)=inner length 8.43in/214mm=EU33
US2(Little Kid)=inner length 8.70in/221mm=EU34
US3(Big Kid)=inner length 8.98in/228mm=EU35
US3.5(Big Kid)=inner length 9.21in/234mm=EU36
US4.5(Big Kid)=inner length 9.49in/241mm=EU37
High Top Colorful USB rechargeable LED light shoes, controlled by a switch, can be made seven colors of light: red, blue, green, cyan, purple, yellow, white, and the slow flashing, Flash , Strobe, a total of 11 modes. Click once button, one model changed. 13 size optional, for toddler, little kid, big kid.
High-quality synthetic leather and cloth combination of network, breathable, wear-resistant rubber soles, colorful LED light, which is give to children surprise gift. All kids and students will love it.
This item include a pair of LED shoes and a double USB charging ling.
USB plug charging probably about three hours on the full, in charging will blink red, full of it will flashes green. You can connect a USB cable from the computer,you can also use mobile phones and other chargers, mobile power can also be used,safe and reliable.
Notice: LED shoes are special sneakers, they have the led light bars in the shoes sole, so please do not use them as running shoes. And the led lights are not waterproof, please do not soak the shoes in water when you cleat them. Thanks very much.

  • High top wing LED neakers has 7 Static Colors (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, aqua and white) and 4 Different dynamic Flashing Modes.
  • LED light up USB charging shoes sneakers for toddler, little kid, big kid
  • The item comes with a double USB charge cable. Please refer to the size information when you determine shoe size
  • Change the color of light through the hidden switch, if you do not need light, press the button 10 sec to turn off, charge for 2~3 hours one time, can provide 8~11 hours of lighting time
  • Charging Tips: You can connect USB cable from the computer, you can also use mobile phone or other chargers, mobile power can also be used, safe and reliable

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