DailyShoes Round Waxed Shoelaces Oxford Flat Dress Canvas Shoe Laces (One Pair)

Product Details:

– Shoelaces measures 3mm (approx 1/8 inch) in diameter.
– Available in seventeen colors and six lengths
– Fully waxed lace provides you the ultimate KNOTTING experience.
– Long-lasting high quality performance laces
– Knotting is possible with our shoelaces.

Which Length Should You Buy?

The best way is to measure the length in INCHES or CM so you will get a esimated length you need.

Most children shoes:
36″ Inches (91 cm), 4 Eyelets
Standard Women’s Size or BIG KID sizes
42-45″ Inches (114 cm), 5-6 Eyelets
Men’s Runners & Training (Untied Shoelaces):
50″ Inches (127 cm), 6-7 Eyelets
Standard Men’s Sizes, Some Large Women’s Size
54-55″ Inches, (137 cm), 7-8 Eyelets
Large Men Sizes and Boots
63″ Inches, (160 cm), 7-9 Eyelets
Larger Men Sizes and Boots
72″ Inches, (183 cm), 10+ Eyelets

Color and Length Availability:

– Available in 17 colors to choose from (Oh just like rainbows)
– Black, Blue, Brown
– Dark Brown, Dark Green
– Gray, Green
– Ivory, Lime Green
– Navy, Orange
– Pink, Purple
– Red, Royal Blue
– Tan, Yellow

– Available in 6 differently lengths (compatibility with almost any shoe) 27″ inches, 36″ inches, 45″ inches, 54″ inches, 60″ inches and 78″ inches.
– 27″ inches (69 cm)
– 36″ inches (91 cm)
– 45″ inches (114 cm)
– 54″ inches (137 cm)
– 60″ inches (152 cm)
– 78″ inches (198 cm)

Packaging & Content:
You will receive 1 pair of shoelace per quantity
– To help reduce waste in our environment, our laces are eco-friendly packaging. It won’t be shipped with unnecessary fancy packaging that adds waste to our environment.

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  • Seventeen variety of colors to choose from / Durable for long-lasting wear
  • Premium Strength and Quality (One Pair per Order) **** Wax Has Been Forced All The Way Through The Fabric, Rather Than Just Coating Its Surface, Providing a Lasting Knot. ****
  • Great Shoelaces for Boots and Many Types of Shoes (Stays Tied All Day!)
  • Laces available in various lengths for compatibility with almost any shoe

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