Make ‘Em Fit

If you have shoes that are too big, Make ‘Em Fit by Shoolex is your legitimate big shoe solution! Make ‘Em Fit is a memory foam insert that fills the empty space of the shoe toe box in order to make a big shoe fit. It’s soft and comfortable and still provides stability to keep your heels in place and stop your shoes from slipping off. Make ‘Em Fit is for both men’s and women’s shoes. Its washable and reusable. •Small is best for < half-size bigger shoes •Medium is best for half-size to < one size bigger shoes •Large is best for >one size bigger shoes.

  • Helps your big shoes fit and prevents heel slippage.
  • Fills the empty space of your big shoes and helps to make your big shoes fit
  • It is hand washable, reusable and works for both men and women shoes
  • It can be used for heels, loafers, flat shoes, dress and casual shoes, boots, sport and running shoes.

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